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Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) allows Investment Managers to browse and invest in managed account offerings. It enables them to efficiently manage and value portfolios while delivering first-class client service.

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Transparent approach to investing allows Financial Institutions to provide their clients with an effective way to control risk.

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Real Time

Access to real-time NAV, factsheets, equity analysis and advanced statistics to suit all investor levels.

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End to End

Complete, end-to-end and flexible multi-asset portfolio management solution with advanced reporting capabilities.

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Flexible Portfolio Management Solution

SMA allows Financial Institutions to offer multi-asset portfolios to their clients which they can invest, manage and monitor in real-time on their clients’ behalf. SMA provides accurate and reliable data to efficiently manage and value portfolios, and deliver high quality client service.

The solution provides complete, end-to-end and flexible Portfolio Management with access to real-time NAV, factsheets, equity analysis and advanced statistics, to support informed investment decisions. It facilitates the customers’ pursue for profitable investment management opportunities with confidence.

Onboarding and Compliance

SMA features an easy customer onboarding process, which allows the Financial Institutions’ customers to sign an electronic power of attorney and quickly start their investments. Clients can set up equity protection for every allocation and retain full control over their portfolio.

SMA provides a transparent automated fee calculation using a high-water mark (HWM). The solution also features automated accounting and compliance processes, and a fully flexible reporting suite.

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