At Tradesocio we connect all the key market players to bring comprehensive solutions to market and create a transparent and client-focused environment that boosts credibility in financial services. We have developed a secure and complete repository of investment products, liquidity connectors, trading platforms, and supporting technology solutions, that enables financial institutions to improve customer lifetime value.

Benefits of becoming our partner

  • Expand your market reach by sharing your services with a growing number of stakeholders in your industry.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation.

Our Partners

Liquidity Connectors

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Interactive Brokers

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Saxo Bank

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ADS Securities

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LMAX Exchange

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Global Prime

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Advanced Markets

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Prime XM

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FX Cubic

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Tools for Brokers

Data Feeds

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Thomson Reuters

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Trading Platforms

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Meta Quotes


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Refinitiv World Check


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FX Back Office

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Dynamic Works

Technology Partners

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Microsoft Azure

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Amazon Web Services

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IBM Cloud

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IBM Watson

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Payment Solutions

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Our Brand Ambassador Program

Tradesocio’s Brand Ambassador Program is for individuals who understand the technologies that are set to shape the future of finance and have knowledge of the maturing fintech industry. Individuals who have insights into who is currently adopting and driving financial technology information and have the capability to identify potential partnerships between banks and brokerages.

The program offers an opportunity to well-networked individuals to partner with Tradesocio, become a parallel channel to our business development and marketing efforts in introducing potential clients, and be rewarded for their efforts.