Zoom in: Tradesocio in Australia

As the IMAP networking events and Tradesocio’s trip to Australia came to a successful end, we had the time to sit down and review our achievements.

From a bird’s eye view, what is now the bottleneck for financial institutions in Australia in terms of market share expansion and product diversification, is compliance. In light of the new rules laid down by the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, banks, superannuation funds, and other financial services providers have to comply with stricter rules when it comes to offering financial advice, which now more than ever is increasingly limitative.

Against this background of caution, Tradesocio stepped into the limelight, stirring the interest of those attending the two IMAP networking events held in Sydney and Melbourne.


By offering a complete technology bundle that helps financial planners, banks, brokerage houses, superannuation funds, as well as investors, Tradesocio balances the scales for all the key stakeholders.

Of our solutions, which CEO Wael Salem and Business Development Managers Andreas Orphanos and Stacey Van Niekerk had the privilege to introduce to prominent financiers at the IMAP events, the ETF Station, which alongside our back and middle-office solutions, according to a member of the audience, forms “the infrastructure that holds both sides”, particularly captured the attendees’ interest for its versatility. In fact, our ETF Station gives financial institutions the ability to diversify their offering by creating bespoke ETFs while leveraging their technological potential through our CRM and real-time reporting tools. Additionally, thanks to its modular and distributed architecture, our technology easily integrates with any pre-existing system structure, while ensuring seamless data availability and enhanced security.


“As we continue to refine our product, future iterations are aimed at reducing settlement time from T+2 to T+1 and, eventually, T, in the final version, while maintaining data integrity. This is one of our major goals in the near future”, CEO Wael Salem explained. “Thank you, IMAP for the speaking opportunity and for such a warm welcome to Australia. It’s been a privilege to introduce our solutions to financial organisations in Australia and catch a glimpse of the country’s financial system and market needs”, Mr. Salem added.


Attracted by the undeniable potential of our technology, several financial institutions in Australia expressed their interest in adopting the Tradesocio multi-pronged solution. A special thank you goes, of course, to our voice in Australia, Anne Bannerman, CEO of Trading Dynamics, for her significant contribution, spreading the word and working with us side by side, raising awareness and introducing the Tradesocio technology to key financial players in the country.

At a steady pace, our ecosystem is growing globally, as more financial organisations line up to adopt our solutions. Contact us to find out more or schedule a product presentation. Also, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates.