Tradesocio technology wows in Dubai

Last week, the team at Tradesocio continued their world tour to meet with current and potential clients and partners. Specifically, they travelled to Dubai, which is fast becoming one of the most important financial capitals in the world. The trip comes a few weeks after the team travelled to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Moscow, and Singapore. The trip had the simple mission of connecting with current clients and partners who use the company’s suites of products and engage them. The team wanted to check out how clients were using the suite of products and connect with fintech brands that were potential customers. The response for the trip was beyond expectations.

“The trip turned out to be even better than we had anticipated. Our partners were keen to tell us how the Tradesocio suite had helped them reach more clients and retain them. Others told us how our products have enabled them to successfully manage their funds. All our existing brokers in Dubai told us how Alpha suite has helped them to improve their YoY growth.’’ said Wael Salem. During the week-long trip, Wael, the company’s CEO was accompanied by Alexander Degtyarev, who is the Senior Business Development Manager EMEA and Karam Miyrsh, the Business Development Executive. The two executives have decades of experience in helping financial services companies improve their efficiencies and reach more clients through the adoption of smart technology solutions. Speaking about the trip, Mr Degtyarev said:

“Dubai has been a trendsetter for many years. Our interactions with our clients and partners demonstrate why all fintech companies should pay close attention to Dubai, their entrepreneurs, and the companies they have built.” Mr Miyrsh added: “The current demand for Alpha Suite is at an all-time high and our trip to Dubai really highlighted this. In Dubai the spirit of entrepreneurship is strong with brokers and fund managers eagerly embracing fintech solutions. We will be returning again soon to continue onboarding brokers and partners.”

Tradesocio is a fintech company with offices in Singapore, Cyprus, and India. The company offers innovative products that target financial services companies like forex brokers and asset managers. The Alpha Suite products connects brokers with traders and asset managers. It is made up of four distinct products including: Alpha Funds, Alpha Broker, Alpha Business Introducer and Alpha Investor.The company was formed in 2015 and has continued to achieve success by signing up hundreds of brokers. At the same time, it has won several awards and has become an important member of the fintech community by supporting fintech events and providing equal employment opportunities.