Tradesocio Takes ETF Investment Forward

In a transforming investment environment, with new products emerging on the market, fund managers need to innovate and adopt a more holistic approach to investment management, if they want to remain investors’ first choice. But how?

Taking a closer look at the investment market sentiment over the last year, the traded volume of ETPs (exchange-traded products) peaked at 694 in the United States alone, with combined assets under management valued at $704 billion, which covers more than a fifth of all the ETPs available globally. These figures clearly indicate a shift in investor preference for more sophisticated, broader-spectrum investment products such as ETFs or index funds. And, let’s face it, ETFs have all the “ingredients” that versatile investors are looking for. Initially developed with the purpose of measuring the market status, ETFs have evolved to what they are today: a vehicle that tends to race against the market rather than weigh it.

Deemed high-risk investment products, ETFs require a deep understanding of the market and the product itself before funneling huge amounts into it. But as investors enjoy seamless access to information, making informed investment decisions is no longer a problem. In addition to that, as younger generations of investors seem to take over the lead in the market, with a heightened taste for aggressive growth, riskier and volatile instruments like ETFs, we see a spectacular rise in the trading volumes of these products.

Technology solutions like Tradesocio’s ETF Station take ETF investment forward, allowing financial institutions to explore new markets and offer their investors new investment products developed around passive or active index funds, as well as tailor bespoke financial instruments.

What does it mean for Fund Managers and Investors?

By creating a secure and transparent environment, our ETF Station allows fund managers, brokerage firms, asset management companies, and investment banks to diversify their offering with unique digital investment products developed around ETFs, AMCs and other tailor-made financial instruments suited to their investors’ goals.

But this is not all. Tradesocio’s ETF Station can be used in association with other solutions, such as the Digital Wealth Advisor (DWA), Mirror Trader or the Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), enabling financial institutions to boost their services and start offering investment advice on ETFs, AMCs, and other products uniquely designed around ETFs, AMCs, managed accounts from SMA, mirror funds, and more.

Additionally, the built-in support tools that make our ETF solution a must-have for any financial organisation, such as TS CRM, Aggregator, Liquidity Manager, news and social feed, real-time reporting, risk management and customisation modules, enable both fund managers and investors to make the most of nearly every opportunity in the market and be always in control of their capital and risk exposure, while staying up to date with what’s going on in their community.

“We offer financial services providers and investors an alternative way to look at investments and offer them the tools to achieve their goals in a fully transparent environment, where investors can carefully weigh all possibilities and analyse fund performance before allocating funds”, says Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem.

What Tradesocio’s ETF Station brings new to the investment management space is the freedom of choice from a wide range of investment products, while allowing investors worldwide to interact and exchange expertise through our built-in social network.

Furthermore, to ensure that investors worldwide can conveniently access the investment products of their choice, we made our ETF solution available in over 25 languages. Also, mobile users will soon be able to make the most of the ETF Station on their phone, as the Tradesocio mobile app will soon be released on Google Play and Apple Store. Updates will be released soon. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know.

This is how Tradesocio takes ETF investment forward. Are you ready for this change? Get in touch and find out how our solutions can take your business further.