Tradesocio Sponsors the 5th International Funds Summit

A proud Silver sponsor of the 5th International Funds Summit, Tradesocio is looking forward to the event that will take place between 10 and 12 November at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Geared towards hot topics trending in the financial industry, the event will bring together more than 550 delegates from investment firms and funds across Europe, the Middle East, the US, the UK and Russia. The 5th International Funds Summit will, therefore, provide an excellent occasion for financial services professionals to exchange ideas, network and keep up-to-date with the latest technology developments, and gain valuable insights on how technology can transform the delivery of financial services.

In anticipation of the approaching event, Business Development Representative Mrs Despo Anastasiou Zachariadou said: “It’s a real pleasure to attend an event of this calibre and exchange ideas and knowledge with financial executives from local and international financial organisations. It will be a great opportunity to connect and discuss digital transformation in the financial industry”.

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With a rich technology product offering that can be easily adapted to the needs of investment banks, wealth management firms, fund managers as well as brokerage firms, Tradesocio enables financial services providers to tailor their offering to the constantly changing demands of investors, and also create a friendlier digital investor experience with web and mobile solutions that help investors better manage their portfolios.

Investor habits are changing as new, technology-savvy generations enter the markets. Sociologists’ predictions revolve around a 75% Millennial workforce majority by 2025. 25% of this workforce interested in investing see more value in digital investments rather than more traditional forms of investment. “If financial services providers want to tap into a new client vertical and open their doors to a wider pool of retail investors with smaller yet steadily growing portfolios, with a keen interest in technology-enabled, bespoke financial products, we have a diverse range of solutions that can help them achieve that,” Mrs Zachariadou added.

Meet Tradesocio at the 5th International Funds Summit and find out how our technology can improve your operations and help you tap into a new market segment.