Tradesocio Sponsored the CISI Annual Gala Dinner

Sharing the same values as the CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments) and equally dedicated to promoting transparency and integrity in the financial industry, Tradesocio was one of the proud Gold Sponsors of the 10th Annual Gala Dinner hosted by the CISI Cyprus NAC (National Advisory Council).

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to join efforts with financial and academic institutions such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Windsor Brokers, and Alexander College to support the organisation of an event of this calibre in Cyprus.

Founded in 2009, the Cyprus NAC of the UK-based body for professionals working in the securities and investments industry, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and the first CISI Board Meeting taking place outside the UK and Ireland.


Petros Florides, CISI Cyprus NAC President 

& Co-founder

Gathering 150 representatives of reputed financial institutions from Cyprus and across the world, under the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel, the CISI event was an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to connect and share perspectives while enjoying the glamorous atmosphere.

Speaking about the recent collaboration with Tradesocio, Mr. Petros Florides, Co-founder and President of the Cyprus NAC, gave voice to CISI’s appreciation of our support:

“It was a real pleasure to celebrate the 10th CISI Anniversary Gala Dinner in Cyprus and the first General Board Meeting held outside the UK and Ireland.

On its mission to strengthen the integrity and ethics of the financial profession, the CISI has come into contact with numerous financial technology providers such as Tradesocio, which I am pleased to acknowledge, have the potential to change the status quo and streamline the investment process, making it more transparent, less exclusive and more approachable by the majority of investors today.

We appreciate Tradesocio’s support and hope to collaborate further in the future, allowing CISI members to become more familiar with their values and mission.”

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Photos by courtesy of CISI.