TradeSocio Sets its Sights on Asia in 2018

The fintech industry is moving at a rapid rate and with a new year underway, our international TradeSocio team is gearing up to attend iFX EXPO Asia as part of a big world tour.

Taking place from 23-25 January 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, this eagerly awaited event will connect thought leaders and businesses from across the globe and is the perfect opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art Alpha Suite platform.

iFX Expo Asia: What’s It All About?

Indeed, iFX EXPO Asia is the largest business-to-business expo in the world connecting like-minded exhibitors and sponsors from across the globe. Attracting over 30,000 attendees and trusted by over 1,000 brands looking for optimum exposure throughout Europe and Asia, this is an event not to miss welcoming an esteemed panel of speakers.


This includes Adam C. Field (the Senior Vice President of Blockchain) and Vasily Alexeev (the CEO of UpTrader). Moreover, there will also be insights from some of the finance sector’s brightest minds and leading specialists, as well as three full days of entertainment and networking events.

The iFX Expo Asia will be sponsored by leading portals from within the finance sector including platinum sponsor, X Open Hub – a global leader liquidity provider, offering technology solutions to brokers and banks

Alpha Suite: Technology with a Global Appeal

With offices in Singapore, Cyprus and India, TradeSocio has international appeal thanks to its unique technology, which is designed to streamline and simplify the investment process.

Alpha Suite provides a new way for investors, money managers, brokers and business introducers to explore the financial markets and we are excited to present the benefits to a new audience and develop long-lasting partnerships because of our presence in China – a country willingly and actively embracing the fast moving and engaging fintech revolution.

So, what can you expect from Tradesocio as a company? The answer is standout disruptive technology with a cutting edge twist. The four main products which make up our advanced Alpha Suite platform and which we will be demonstrating at the expo include:

Alpha Funds

Alpha Funds is an investment solution designed specifically for fund managers and traders allowing you to focus on management rather than spending time looking for clients; in a few easy steps, you can get access to the assets under management of the whole Alpha community. With a flexible fund set up allowing you to operate as a ‘professional trader’ or ‘fund manager,’ Alpha Funds allows you to easily tailor your investment approach to suit your business model.

Alpha Broker

As a full investment solution for brokerages, Alpha Broker helps brokers and business introducers connect to fund managers and investors to create their very own community. By offering investments in funds, brokers can create a new market for client acquisition and boost volumes and grow revenue from existing clients. All partners receive the necessary tools needed to help them grown alongside your brokerage.

Alpha Investor

With this element of our Alpha Suite platform, investors can use cutting-edge technology to access investment opportunities normally reserved for institutional and wealthy investors. The focus is on maximising investment returns while keeping a close eye on risk management

Alpha Business

This is a full investment solution for business introducers. Alpha Business allows you to create your own private, branded investment community, open new revenue streams, and get access to a range of tools to streamline business processes. Marketing, social and reporting modules are incorporated for overall effectiveness.

Global Promotion and the Importance of Networking

There’s no doubt about it, the iFX Expo Asia is one of the biggest dates in the 2018 calendar. Attracting industry leaders and influencers, it’s the ideal event for us to meet other thought leaders within the investment sector with a passion for clever fintech concepts.

TradeSocio certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to having a fully developed product that makes the financial markets an even more fascinating place to explore – but what are we hoping to get from the experience?

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Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Throughout 2017, we partnered with some of the world’s leading brokers and financial services providers adding the likes of JP Markets, Black Bull, Template FX, Anzo Capital, Dion Social and VVBuls to our increasing client list. During 2018, we’d really like to create more mutually beneficial partnerships that will take our company to new heights while improving the investment experience of others.

Network and Meet New Faces

One of the key goals of an expo is to network – after all, it’s not every day you can mingle with some of the biggest names in not only the financial and investment industries but the technology world too. Shared experiences and potential collaborations keep us motivated and therefore meeting new faces is certainly on the agenda.

Explanations and Demonstrations

We welcome all kinds of questions and will be happy to explain exactly how our technology works. We’ll offer demonstrations of the Alpha Suite throughout the three-day event and hope to arrange further meetings to discuss the ins and outs of our business model in detail. We are also eager to share our upcoming news for 2018, which includes the launch of a new Alpha Suite platform. This will include major releases like the Alpha Mobile Application, MT5 and the launch of the Global Funds platform.

Asia – Are You Ready for Alpha Suite?

Asia is currently embracing the relationship between finance and technology with both large and small to medium enterprises throughout China welcoming fintech in style. Even traditional companies are waking up to the benefits of disruptive technology and with digital savvy Chinese consumers opening new opportunities for global fintech companies like TradeSocio – we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.