Tradesocio Mobile Apps are Available on the App Stores

We are pleased to announce that our two native mobile apps Tradesocio and AvansFX, a stylish showcase environment illustrating Tradesocio’s easy customisation and branding concept across web and mobile platforms,  are now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Financial institutions already using the Tradesocio technology can start offering their clients a new way to invest in their products, wherever they are, using their mobile devices.

app-store_1 google-play_2

Why choose Tradesocio apps?

Designed for financial institutions, but keeping the investor always in mind, Tradesocio mobile applications allow financial services providers to:

  • Allow investors to allocate to multi-asset strategies from a single account while on the move.

  • Create a better digital investor experience, making your services conveniently accessible from anywhere, at any time.

  • Empower investors to make informed decisions on the go, by offering them data-driven insights about their investments in real time.

  • Benefit from risk management every step of the way and offer investors the same distinct advantage to start, stop and edit investment amount, at their own convenience.

  • Control the entire trading activity via a comprehensive backend, by monitoring performance, trading volume, income streams and NAV in real time.

  • Conveniently manage client profiles, customise access privileges across your organisation and better manage workflows.

  • Benefit from a fully hosted, branded and customisable solution with built-in CRM, dealing, reporting and marketing tools.

To fully visualise the user journey that our mobile application offers, feel free to download it from the app store and test it.


Need more information? Contact our specialists and request a product presentation to gain more in-depth insights into our technology solutions and how they can enhance your business intelligence.