TradeSocio Investment Platform of the Future

It’s not every day that investors, brokers and business introducers can converge on one platform for all their needs. That’s until TradeSocio came along.

Building from the social trading revolution, TradeSocio helps brokers and business introducers connect to fund managers and investors to create their very own community. Through the custom built Alpha 2017 platform, TradeSocio provides a new way for ordinary people to access high quality investments from the world’s top brokers.

Below we look at some of the main benefits of using the TradeSocio Alpha Suite 2017 platform.

A Product for Every Stakeholder

The Alpha Suite can be a lot to take in at first. After all, a platform that connects the entire financial community may appear intimidating to the uninitiated. That’s why TradeSocio has segmented its platform into four main products:

  • Alpha Investor: For investors

  • Alpha Funds: For fund managers

  • Business Introducer: For fund raisers and business introducers

  • Alpha Broker: For investment banks and brokers

When you’re getting started with Alpha Suite, it’ll ask you to identify who you are by selecting from one of the following:

  • Broker

  • White Label

  • Fund Manager

  • Professional Trader

  • Introducer

  • Reseller

  • Service Provider

  • Fund Manager/Trader

  • Other

From there, it’ll suggest one of the four products most suitable for you.

Powerful Features for Investors & Traders

The Alpha Investor program was designed with the advanced investors and traders in mind, but is easy enough for even beginners to grasp. Through the investment portal, users can find, analyze and invest in top funds based on returns and risk profile. They can also monitor their performance in real time using the unique dashboard feature. All Investor accounts have a built-in social module where traders can contact their brokers and investors can connect with fund managers, as well as interact with others on the platform.

Alpha Investor also enables investors to set up and link multiple accounts, providing a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Easy Setup for Brokers

Through Alpha Broker, financial firms can essentially license the Alpha Investor platform and offer it to their clients. Rather than rebuild their entire trading platform from scratch, brokers can simply integrate Alpha Broker into a web domain of their choice. Investor clients receive all the features built into the Alpha Investor program, only with the broker label integrated into the platform. This not only boosts a broker’s brand recognition, it ensures they can bring their services to market much faster than they otherwise would building in-house or hiring an IT consultant.

Brokers also receive a built-in CRM, so there’s no need for any third-party integration with other systems.

These are just some of the benefits that investors and brokers can derive from the TradeSocio Suite of products. Alpha Suite was launched in 2017 as the first product of its kind. If you’re an investor, broker, fund manager or trader then TradeSocio is a platform that can increase your productivity, lower your costs and ensure you are getting the most out of your market.