Tradesocio Hogged the Limelight at iFX Expo Asia 2019

As iFX Expo Asia 2019 came to a close and the Tradesocio team is now back in the office, we caught up with two of our Business Development Manager Andreas Orphanos and Regional Business Development Team Leader Stacey van Niekerk, who shared their experience in Hong Kong.

Welcome back, what was the main focus of iFX Expo Asia and what wasTradesocio’s impact?

Andreas Orphanos: iFX Expo Asia was a great event and the perfect occasion for us to engage top financial institutions in Hong Kong and beyond. The team and I are very grateful for such a warm welcome, it was our pleasure to shake hands with local and international stakeholders present at the event. Thank you Hong Kong for making us feel at home.

I am also proud to acknowledge that our solutions captured the limelight. Our booth was always busy and we received very good feedback from all the financiers we were privileged to meet. This tells us two things. First, as new generations of tech-savvy investors enter the market, we’re seeing a major shift of focus towards more sophisticated, technology-enhanced investment vehicles and services to facilitate seamless access to those products. Second, Tradesocio comes with an innovative value proposition that addresses this demand, by giving financial institutions the technological capability to develop proprietary investment products around listed and non-listed instruments, or a combination of both, and thus, open their door to the affluent new group of investors.

Stacey van Niekerk: Indeed, we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the organisers as well as the local and international financial organisations attending iFX Expo Asia, who not only made us feel privileged to be there, but showed a genuine interest in our technology, which can only make us proud and reassure us that we supply a genuine need in the market with our Digital Wealth Advisor and ETF Station. We’ve been constantly besieged with questions from the first to the last day of the event.

Apart from the excellent support and the novelty of our solutions, we also stood out for our product showcases illustrating our go-to-market strategy which helped all the brokerages we introduced our products to get a clear understanding of how to market our solutions after deployment and present their clients with a better product offering with the aid of our technology.

Booth image

Stacey van Niekerk &  Andreas Orphanos showcasing Tradesocio’s new solutions


Stacey van Niekerk with Fazril Izwan Nor Azmi, XSocio Head of Operations

That’s great news. Which one(s) of Tradesocio’s solutions captured most of the public’s attention and why?

Stacey van Niekerk: Our Digital Wealth Advisor (DWA) and ETF Station were in the public’s spotlight most, not only because they’re relatively new, but also because they are more cost-effective than similar products available on the market. Essentially, what we bring new to the brokerage space is, on one hand, financial advisory services by allowing brokerage firms to easily start offering personalised investment plans alongside trading, and on the other hand, our ETF Station, which enables them to develop bespoke ETFs and expand their offering to include investment advisory services and trading focused on these unique products. That’s what today’s brokerage market needs.

Andreas Orphanos: Besides our DWA and ETF Station, which are new to most of the brokerage firms populating today’s Forex trading world, our SMA and Mirror Trader provide valuable alternatives to traditional MAM and PAMM plug-ins for managed accounts and social or copy trading platforms. They both allow brokers to explore more sophisticated and technology-enhanced ways to manage accounts while giving their clients the possibility to automatically mirror the strategies of professional traders after having carefully reviewed their performance. Mirroring is instantaneous and the investor or follower has the possibility to stop allocation at any time, thus being able to manage their risk exposure in real time.

That’s excellent news. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Stacey van Niekerk: I would like to stress that our DWA and SMA solutions attracted the attention of multiple liquidity and bridge providers present at the event. We will announce these partnerships soon.

Andreas Orphanos: Also, the identity of the lucky winner of the $15,000 solution discount draw we organised at the iFX Expo will be revealed soon.

Brilliant. Thank you both and we look forward to more.

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