Tradesocio Expands Its Global Team

Leading fintech company Tradesocio has enjoyed incredible growth over the past 12 months. Growth not only in client acquisition, but in product development and global expansion. Headquartered in Singapore, Tradesocio now employs 80+ professionals in Singapore, India and Cyprus. In fact, it now has six offices in these locations.

Here CEO Wael Salem shares his insights:

The company has seen exponential growth in the past year- why is that?

Yes, we are really pleased with Tradesocio’s progress. There are several reasons for our growth, so we cannot attribute it to just one factor. First and foremost, we have continued to tap into the real needs of our target market. These are clients like private investment banks, capital management, investment management, hedge funds, asset managers and brokerage houses. Because our team are from finance/tech backgrounds and keep up with the latest industry news, we understand the challenges faced by owners and executives in these areas. We have fine tuned our solutions and product offering to exactly match their needs. Additionally, we have made some strategic top hires in our global offices which has propelled us further forward.

How have you become such a well-known fintech name?

Reputation is of course everything in our sector, so we have seen a lot of “word of mouth” referrals from existing clients. That said, we have also spent a lot of time on the ground at expos, seminars, shows and events. We feel this is important, not only to promote our brand and services but also to physically meet and greet clients and potential clients. We want to talk to them, understand their business model and discuss the potential of introducing fintech.

Your ethos is to power investments and disrupt the sector- can you tell us more about that?

Yes that is exactly our ethos and our global team understands that our mission is to continually innovate and provide solutions that make complex tasks simple. You see, the financial services sector has been static for many years while other sectors such as tech surged forward. The finance sector was clunky and awkward with very little streamlining or implementation of innovative tech. This meant more work for employees, a non-user-friendly experience for financial institutions or investors and generally less productivity. Tradesocio has created innovative tools that make tasks easy boosting investor engagement, transparency, automation, analytics and ROI. We use the word disruption in a positive way because the sector needed to be disrupted to perform better. And this is what we are achieving. We have engineered fintech solutions that help stakeholders in the financial industry to achieve their desired objectives.”

What are your plans for the next few years?

Tradesocio will be expanding its global operations to London and Dubai throughout 2018-2019. Additionally, we are recruiting new employees in Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Cyprus. We are also rolling out some additional fintech solutions and products which will be particularly exciting for the finance sector!

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