Tradesocio Completes Integration with oneZero Financial Systems

oneZero joins Tradesocio’s overarching network of technology and financial services providers - Tradesocio Marketplace. Financial institutions serviced by oneZero can now benefit from the advanced asset management technology offered by Tradesocio, allowing for easy integration.

oneZero empowers institutional and retail broker-dealers and market makers with the trading technology required to compete effectively across the global foreign exchange, commodities, crypto-currency and futures markets. With a decade of expertise in the global financial technology sector, oneZero offers multi-asset solutions to retail and prime brokerage firms, as well as investment management companies looking to grow. 

“By partnering with Tradesocio and joining their Marketplace, we become part of a far-reaching financial and technology hub designed for business growth and operational efficiency,” said Andrew Ralich, CEO of oneZero. 


Envisioned as a core solution centre for businesses in the financial sector, Tradesocio’s  Marketplace serves as a launching ground for investment services providers and financial technology leaders, bringing together paytech, fintech and back-office solutions providers, as well as retail and prime brokerages, financial advisory firms, wealth and asset management companies, family offices and investment banks, under one powerhouse self-service station.

Promoting a harmonious, ecosystem approach to the way technology products and solutions are offered to and accessed by financial institutions, Tradesocio’s Marketplace is the place to be for businesses in the financial technology sector.

“We aim to bring investors and investment opportunities closer, and the easiest way to do that is by creating a comprehensive infrastructure that empowers financial services providers to further expand and refine their offering. Collaboration with industry leaders like oneZero brings us on a fast track to achieving this goal and attaining the purpose of Tradesocio’s Marketplace.

With technology providers such as oneZero joining our fintech task force, we take our value proposition even further, offering our  fund administrators, investment banks and brokerage partners a wider spectrum of choice among our liquidity aggregators and also the chance to deliver on the promise of a transparent, technology-enhanced investment and fund management environment driven by low-latency execution and competitive pricing,” said Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem.