Tradesocio Attends Jordan Expo in Amman

Leading fintech company Tradesocio recently attended the Jordan Forex Expo for the first time. The summit took place at the InterContinental Hotel in Amman from 18-19 September 2018.

Hosted by Afaq Group and attracting major brokerage houses from across the globe, the Expo welcomed top sponsors and guest speakers who covered a wide range of important topics currently dominating the finance sector such as crypto, blockchain, fintech advancements and more. The programme also included B2B presentations targeting specific interests and goals.

The event was the perfect opportunity for Tradesocio to revisit the MENA region – a key player in the FX industry – and interact with both current and future partners. As industry innovators advancing the investment world through careful technological developments, the Expo also offered the chance for Tradesocio to share information about their investment ecosystem.

Tradesocio offers investors state-of-the-art disruptive technological solutions which are designed to link key plays from across the financial arena. The highly capable Alpha 2017 product suite also helped to streamline the entire investment process and is tailored to suit the needs of investors, fund managers, brokers, investment banks and business introducers.

Tradesocio CEO, Wael Salem said:

“Visiting Jordan and attending the eagerly anticipated Expo was an exciting experience for us. It allowed us to communicate the details of our fintech suite to those looking for ways to make investments more straightforward. Currently our technology powers 30+ brokerage houses and has gained the attention of over 45,000 investors. Making the right investment decisions is essential and we provide the tools and connections to make this happen. We’re thrilled to be able to extend our outreach.”

Tradesocio currently has over 384 million USD in funds and 276 billion traded in volume. The tech solutions provided by the company have very few locational or geographical restrictions and are therefore ideal for brokerage houses across the world. Events such as the Jordan Forex Expo help brokerages to see the benefits of integrated platforms like Alpha 2017. Head of the EMEA region, Mr.Karam Myirsh said:

“I had the pleasure of meeting with multiple major brokerage houses in order to discuss how our technology solutions are helping to create, improve and expand the ‘wealth management’ side of the business. Tradesocio’s solutions empower fund managers, allowing for greater control over how they manage their portfolios and charge fees. When this is all explained at a face-to-face meeting, people really start to understand the benefits.”

Jordan is rapidly becoming a forex hub with the Arab nation providing a platform for fintech companies driving the industry to network and do business. Tradesocio waits in anticipation of the next Jordan Expo. Please contact the team to arrange a meeting.