On the Road to MENA Investment Congress

Only a short time after Hong Kong, Tradesocio is on the road again. CEO Wael Salem will travel to Abu Dhabi for the MENA Investment Congress, where he will connect with market leaders from all over the MENA region and beyond.

Taking place on 21st February at the Abu Dhabi Global Market Building, the event will be preceded by introductory workshops hosted by the Four Seasons Hotel on 20th February, which provide an excellent opportunity for the attendees to connect with, share ideas and learn from one other one day before the congress.

The debate of this year’s MENA Investment Congress will be geared towards the challenges shaking up the investment management space and the adoption of digital technologies as the next big thing in investment management.

Mr.Salem will be in Abu Dhabi from 20th to 24th February. So, if you are planning to attend the MENA Investment Congress and workshops, don't miss the opportunity to gain expert insights on our custom solutions and how they can improve your enterprise intelligence directly from our CEO.

In anticipation of the approaching networking opportunity, Mr. Salem shares his thoughts:

“It’s an honour to represent Tradesocio at the MENA Investment Congress and attend the discussions conducted by key personalities playing a vital role in the regional and international financial arena, such as the Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of UAE, the CFA President, the Global Head of Macroeconomic Research of Saxo Bank and other prominent figures in the industry. The congress is a great opportunity to engage with all these key stakeholders and present them with our technology and its benefits for financial institutions.”

Looking down Tradesocio’s roadmap, we are proud to have completed a few key milestones in the last couple of months, with the launch of our new solutions and our brand new website, signed up new partners, growing our ecosystem to over 45 market-leading financial institutions worldwide. Announcements will follow soon.

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