More and More Financial Institutions Line Up to Adopt Tradesocio’s Technology and Join the Marketplace

A growing number of financial institutions and technology providers in the UK showed interest in Tradesocio’s technology and expressed their intention to join its Marketplace. Following a successful one-week trip to London, our Business Development Manager Andreas Orphanos and CEO Wael Salem returned to the office with positive feedback from existing and potential new partners.

“It was a fruitful trip, we received very good feedback from a few of our existing partners and also we expect new collaborations with some of the big names in the financial industry”, said Tradesocio Business Development Manager Andreas Orphanos.

As expected, more strategic partnerships are looming up, with more and more financial services providers showing interest in our technology suite and in joining our marketplace, conceived as a technology products and services’ hub for businesses in the financial sector.

“It was a successful week; we had the chance to strengthen our connection with some of our strategic partners but also prepare the ground for new partnerships with key players in the financial arena. We will release a series of announcements in due course”, added Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem.

But this is not all. Announcements about key partnerships are only just starting to flow, as Tradesocio has got a fully-booked business year ahead to look forward to. Our upcoming seminar and networking destinations include the UK - London, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Dubai, Malta, Cyprus, and Greece.