Mika Stuttaford to speak at Tradesocio Seminar in Cape Town

Ms Mika Suttaford, Digital Product Journey Manager at Mukuru, will be part of the discussion panel scheduled for October 3rd in Cape Town.

Mukuru is a pan-African remittance company empowering typically financially-excluded migrants to transfer money in a convenient and safe manner. The firm is also reputed in the region for being the first money transfer service provider to introduce WhatsApp Business, an innovative solution for handling transactions on mobile, at zero cost to the end-user. The integration is a huge step forward for the money transfer industry in Africa, pushing the boundaries of digital transformation further.

Sharing the same vision as Tradesocio, Ms Stuttaford announced her intention to join Tradesocio’s panel discussion in Cape Town and bring a transformational perspective to money transfers.

“It’s a real pleasure to take part in the discussion panel organised by Tradesocio in Cape Town. The seminar will be a great opportunity for Mukuru to come forward and discuss the impact of digital transformation on financial services from a different angle, that of money transfer, the cost of small transactions, and ultimately, the delivery on the promise of a more streamlined customer journey,” said Ms Stuttaford.

Keen to have a key personality behind a high-calibre financial services provider like Mukuru at our panel discussion, Ms Stacey van Niekerk, Business Development Manager at Tradesocio said: “I’m extremely pleased to welcome Ms Stuttaford as a guest speaker at our seminar in Cape Town. This will be a unique occasion for us to share expertise and understand what the challenges are from the standpoint of financial services providers like Mukuru, and determine how we can face them effectively.”

Join Tradesocio, Mukuru, and FXCM in Cape Town for an inciting discussion on digital transformation and its short and long-term impact on the delivery of financial services. The seminar will be followed by a networking event, which will give attendees a chance to mingle and enjoy the atmosphere of the President Hotel, Bantry Bay.

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About Mukuru

Founded in the mid-2000s, Mukuru is a remittance company headquartered in South Africa and serving the African region. Addressing the needs of financially-excluded individuals, Mukuru helps move money with ease, using mobile and traditional, online platforms. Placing customer experience first, the company focuses on offering the best experience to senders and receivers alike, empowering them to handle small-size transactions safely, in real time. For more information about the company and its products, visit mukuru.com.