Leading Brokers Eager To Partner With TradeSocio

Tradesocio has had an incredible year with leading forex brokers keen to partner up. Here's the latest acquisitions from the fintech brand...

Established in 2015, fintech brand TradeSocio has grown from an innovative startup, to the preferred investment platform for brokers, investors and fund managers.

TradeSocio’s Alpha Suite is a platform that expands the services offered within the financial services industry. The four elements of the suite, Alpha Funds, Alpha Brokers, Alpha Business Introducer and Alpha Investor create a financial ecosystem that enhances each participant’s abilities to invest, grow their business and diversify their activity.

Traders can become investors, fund managers get greater control over how they manage their portfolios and charge fees, business introducers get access to a full CRM and marketing portal and brokers are able to extend their offering to their existing clients and open up new markets.

Since April 2017, TradeSocio has been partnering with the world’s leading brokers and financial services providers and it’s safe to say that the last six months have been fruitful in terms of mutually beneficial partnerships. In recent months Tradesocio added JP Markets, Black Bull, Template FX, Anzo Capital, Dion Social and VVBulls to its increasing client list. When interviewed recently about the benefits to brokers, TradeSocio’s CTO Wael Salem stated:

“There are so many benefits for brokers and of course, one of these is easy integration and set up. We have designed the TradeSocio platform to be a simple plug in which lessens the load on MT4 servers. They can add new managers quickly and efficiently without having to create separate MT4 groups and allow multiple commission groups and spread feed for each MAM. Perhaps even more attractive to brokers is that their clients can immediately adopt the technology with minimum integration requirements and gain access to investment funds taking them beyond the level of just self-trading. We’re pleased with how smoothly the brokers have been able to integrate with our systems which they have tested and approved.”

TradeSocio has also been busy partnering with some impressive names in the technology field including Shift Forex, PrimeXM, MetaQuotes, Think Liquidity and ForexWare. As a fintech brand, committed to innovation within the forex arena, it was a natural step. TradeSocio has conducted years of research and development in this field and now offers a platform that enhances the industry’s favourite software.

Shift Forex for example, is a global brand focused on transforming the industry and revolutionising the trading experience. When asked why they chose to partner with Tradesocio, Matthew Miller, COO of Shift Forex said: "Shift decided to partner with TradeSocio because we consistently receive requests from our existing clients and prospects for social trading and fund management technology. Their platforms are designed to be very user friendly while still maintaining a deep set of features that meet our clients' needs. We've also found their executive team and support staff to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, a critical component to the continued success of our shared clients."

Millions of traders and hundreds of brokers cannot be wrong, they have chosen MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for trading Forex and the financial markets. In fact, MetaQuotes Software Corp. is considered as one of the leading developers of software applications for brokerages, banks, and exchanges. And now MetaQuotes has also chosen to integrate its technology with TradeSocio’s Alpha Suite platform.

TradeSocio is already integrated with a large number of brokers and technology providers and its technology has surpassed the expectations and approvals of its users. The company provides advanced programs for global partners which it is actively seeking, in addition to local partners and software resellers; a goal towards which they are keen to invest time and funding over the next year.