Financial Services Digital Transformation Forum Recap

Attended by over 100 high-calibre financial services professionals, our Financial Services Digital Transformation Forum provided an excellent opportunity for stakeholders in the financial industry to connect and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in financial and regulatory technology, perspectives and new ways of tackling industry challenges.

Speakers and members of the discussion panel included Mr Charles Charalambous, President of the Cyprus CISI National Advisory Council, Mr Marios Tannousis, Deputy Director General at Invest Cyprus, Mr Marios Siathas, General Manager of the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF), Mr Stefanos Michael, Head of Digital Transformation at KPMG Cyprus, Mr Dan Bowen, Business Development Manager at GB Group Plc, Mr Wael Salem, Tradesocio’s CEO, and Mr Andreas Orphanos, Head of Business Development at Tradesocio.

With thought-provoking agenda topics such as digital economy, digital dexterity, or why due diligence should be digital, the Financial Services Digital Transformation Forum was greatly appreciated by all attendees and distinguished speakers. Here are our speakers’ feedback on the event.

“Thank you Tradesocio for the invitation. It was a great event and a privilege for me to be around financial professionals from across the industry sectors, sharing their expertise. I appreciate Tradesocio’s initiative, as we managed to identify a few key areas of improvement and how technology enablement can help drive the financial industry in Cyprus forward.” Mr Charles Charalambous, President of Cyprus CISI National Advisory Council

“It was my pleasure to present and share my views and experiences with your esteemed audience and fellow speakers. I found the event extremely useful and interesting. Such platforms are thought-provoking and keep us all connected.” Mr Marios Tannousis, Deputy Director General, Invest Cyprus

‘A great forward-looking event, packed with so much new information and a great selection of speakers. It tackled real issues that the financial services sector is facing today’ Mr Marios Siathas, General Manager, EIMF

“Thanks for the invite, I’m glad I was able to contribute to a great event.” Mr Dan Bowen, GB Group Plc Business Development Manager

“Thank you for inviting me and thanks for organising! It was a great success!” Mr Stefanos Michael, Head of Digital Transformation, KPMG Cyprus

“We are honoured to have had such a great audience and speakers whose contribution made our Forum an impactful, thought-provoking event.” Mr Wael Salem, Tradesocio CEO

“I want to thank everyone who attended and especially the speakers and panelists for the experience, knowledge and insights sharing. I am excited to welcome the initiatives arising from the event, as accelerators of the transformation on a national level, and I am positive that Cyprus will continue as a reputable Financial Services Hub of choice. Furthermore I am looking forward to our next Forum and invite anyone interested to contribute to join! Collaboration will always be the cornerstone of our success”. Mr Andreas Orphanos, Head of Business Development, Tradesocio.

You can find the photos from the event by following this link.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!