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Mirror Trader supports an easy-to-use 'social trading’ solution, allowing customers to copy trades of experienced professional traders. Ideal for starting investors who want access to sample portfolios, strategies, and investment ideas.

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Social Trading

Allows customers to mimic trades of experienced professional traders.

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Enables the investor to conduct their own research and make their own investment decisions.

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Manage the entire transaction process from start to finish and accept a wide variety of payments through a single channel.

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Complete Social Trading Solution

Mirror Trader provides an end-to-end, flexible Strategy Trading solution, with access to a multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-assets interface. Customers have the freedom to start, stop and edit in real time.

Mirror Trader features multi-asset portfolio capabilities and real-time equity protection with every allocation. It features a live community and news feeds to keep the investors engaged. It offers companies flexibility for branding and white labeling.

Real-time Analytics

Mirror Trader allows investors to invest in multiple allocations supported by real-time news and analytics. It features an easy customer on-boarding process that is KYC-compliant. The solution provides transparent fee calculation and application, automated accounting, and a fully flexible reporting suite.

Mirror Trader can seamlessly integrate to a company’s existing infrastructure. It has secure hosted SaaS for web and mobile applications and provides a secure deposit and withdrawal payment method.

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