Why So Many Brokers are Signing Up for Alpha Suite?

TradeSocio’s Alpha Suite is a multidimensional platform, aimed at servicing all aspects of the financial industry. The platform integrates investors, brokers and business introducers, thereby connecting a huge chunk of the entire financial community. A key component of the Alpha Suite is Alpha Broker, designed especially for brokers and investment banks. The platform helps brokers create a new market for client acquisition and boost volumes and revenue for existing clients.

About Alpha Broker

Alpha Broker provides opportunities for investment banks and brokers to use the licensed Alpha Investor platform and offer them to their clients, thereby launching their own private investment community. Brokers can integrate Alpha Broker into their choice of web domain, rather than rebuilding their entire trading platform from scratch. This not only boosts their brand recognition, it also enables them to bring their services in a faster way to the markets, for which they previously would had needed to hire IT consultants.

Features of the Platform

Brokers gain access to an in-built CRM module, through which they can manage their current and future clients. The Alpha Introducer module provides a unique set of tools to partners, investment bankers and business introducers to invite clients directly to their platforms, where commissions are calculated automatically. Brokers can offer clients the choice of investments in funds on the private version of Alpha Investor. Decisions regarding investments can also be easily made through real-time performance analysis tools, which include ratios and historical analytics for each individual fund. So, clients do not have to rely on monthly reports to make decisions, as was the practice earlier. The Alpha Funds module helps brokers to upgrade their successful traders list and add funds of their choice from the massive global Alpha community. Other features include a streamlined KYC process, revenue management, marketing automation and campaigns and a robust social module. The social module enables clients to promote the business of their brokers on other social networks. Clients can also add their own MT4 accounts in Alpha, to analyze their trading habits and integrate its functionalities with the analytical features of Alpha Investor. This feature makes it the first service in the world to provide a full tick data equity analysis of a fund for analysts and investors. Brokers also gain access to more information about their clients through more than 100 business intelligence reports on the system.

Easy Installation and Usability

Due to its easy installation and wide range of user-friendly features, Alpha Suite has been adopted by numerous brokers and investment bankers across the world. Leading brokers across Europe and Asia have already signed up for the service. For brokers, the fact that their clients have been able to immediately adopt the technology with minimum integration requirements has proved to be an attractive feature. They themselves have been able to smoothly integrate into the system, after a good amount of testing requirements. With Asia showing signs of an emerging market for fintech solutions, TradeSocio is largely concentrating its efforts to increase its consumer base in the continent in 2018. To learn more about the system or get a demo of the platform, contact the experts at https://tradesocio.com/.