Tradesocio helps clients reach wider clientele in fast-moving markets

Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem has been interviewed for Acclaim magazine, following the company being named the Most Innovative Client Solution in Asia at the WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2020.

What sets you apart from your peers in the Asia-Pacific region this year and why?

Tradesocio takes pride in its innovative technology that helped many financial institutions worldwide improve their operations, cut their costs and become more profitable.

We provide Digital Solutions that help Financial Investment institutions digitize their investment management offering. We allow our customers to attract a wider clientele, ranging from the retail to the high-net-worth institutional investor, and offer them access to a variety of financial services. The multiple solutions are available in a single platform that’s effective and simple to use.

We offer the complete end-to-end financial management solution, from development, hosting and maintenance, to security and post-sales technical support, driven by competitive pricing. Our customers experience end-to-end automation, as we have integration gateways with exchanges, broker-dealers handling the auto-transmission, and confirmation receipts to customers, in a matter of a few milliseconds.

We are also involved in the day-to-day operations with our customers, helping them build and deliver products efficiently. We offer Product Management and Consultancy Services, and we allow quick and efficient go-to-market delivery and strategy.

How have your colleagues contributed towards the success of your organization?

Team Tradesocio is composed of creative, qualified and experienced individuals dedicated to providing quality services for all our customers. The experience of our senior team ranges from B2B Product Development and Integration to Digital Transformation Customer Journey Development, Wealth Advisory and Financial Technology background.

Our forward-thinking team of experts work hard to deliver on our commitments and build long-term relationships with our customers. The team is an extension of both of our customers’ IT and product teams. We are involved in the day-to-day basis operation, planning, building products with our customers and delivering these products efficiently. In addition, our team studies the customer’s journey in real time to ensure that their KPIs are met. We play an active role in product management and ensure that we deliver the highest effective return on investment towards our customers that trust our innovative technology solutions.

What are you going to do to stay on the front foot in a fast-growing but also challenging region?

In recognition of the potential that the Asia Pacific region holds, we are currently expanding our business development team in our Singapore office to be able to better cater to our clients in the region.

Also, we are excited to have just released our new Investment Suite of products and our AI component which impacts middle and back office operations of Financial Institutions.

Furthermore, we are going to channel a large percentage of our revenue into R&D, expanding our R&D teams. Our research will be targeted towards new accelerating segments, as well as end-user requirements to be able to meet customer demands in advance.

Tradesocio will also work closely with strategic partners and providers in other segments to offer a one-stop solution, as well as FinTech accelerators in Pan-Asia.

What have been the challenges you have had to overcome to reach such a standard?

One of the challenges we faced as a start-up was breaking into the market and becoming known for our products and advanced technology against established competition. It was a battle against reputable competitors and also to achieve the validation from the market.

To ensure long term success and get the best out of the fierce competition, we needed to differentiate our products and services from others and target the areas where we identified a gap in technology. We had to then build the trust among potential customers and gain their confidence in our products.

Whom do you look to for inspiration and ideas?

We respect successful ventures, such as fintech unicorns and their founders with extraordinary drive and vision. They firmly believed in their products and had a revenue-based business model that drew profit from early days of inception.

Also, new product launches by Investment Banks that promote digital automation, enhance delivery and personalization, and take advantage of data and advanced analytics. Also, the way in which leading Investment Banks tailor and channel their pioneering products, as well as the innovative strategies they use to combat their competitors.

Finally, the R&D being undertaken by Tech giants that leads to breakthrough innovation and incremental change, paving the way for new products that are changing the way we live and work.

What do you hope will be the result of receiving this accolade? How does it help your business in this region?

We believe that winning this prestigious award is a testament to our efforts in R&D over the past few years. It is immensely rewarding that our hard work has paid off. Being voted as the Most Innovative Client Solution in Asia gives us industry-wide recognition and this, we hope, will open us venues for new customers and partners in the region.