The Impact of Digital Transformation on Investment Management

Between 22nd and 26th July, Tradesocio’s CEO Wael Salem and Business Development Manager Andreas Orphanos will be in London to present financial institutions with a better alternative to modern portfolio structuring and technology-enhanced investment management practices, with a focus on automation-driven enterprise intelligence and asset management.

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We all know that traditionally, the process of structuring, registering and distributing funds involves a high cost, which usually caps the AUM and raises the stakes for investors, pushing the entry level significantly higher. In turn, this automatically turns the attention of financial services providers to the narrow niche of high-net-worth investors, to the detriment of the mass of average and small investors.

With our technology, financial institutions can finally change the game and start catering to the needs of a wider pool of investors, irrespective of their investing potential. Essentially, Tradesocio’s technology suite enables financial organisations to offer participation in electronic exchange-traded funds under discretionary managed accounts. Additionally, all the associated processes, such as monitoring, assessing, investment distribution, reporting, compliance, and much more can be simplified through the adoption of our technological solutions.

Committed to our mission and vision, we refine and redefine the way investments are offered, managed and accessed by providing top-of-the-line software solutions, where all stakeholders enjoy accessibility, security, and transparency of investments.

Dedicated to a holistic approach to investment management, we have developed advanced technology solutions which allow all the parties involved in the investment process, to achieve their goals and minimise risk.

“We provide a secure and transparent environment for everyone to thrive: brokerage houses, investment banks, fund or asset managers, investment advisors, and investors. Our framework creates the perfect conditions for sustained growth in a fully transparent way through real-time reporting and reliable risk management.”- Wael Salem, CEO

“We strive to deliver solutions that increase client acquisition and AUM, decrease operational costs and automating time-consuming monitoring and reporting processes.  It will be a real pleasure to present our solutions to your team and build your future investment management platform together.” -  Andreas Orphanos, Business Development Manager