The competitive edge of white label solutions

White label investment management software solutions​ help advisors cut cost, quicken time-to-market, and is tailored to your institution's unique branding and business requirements.

What are White Label Products?

White label products are products that come without branding. For the financial services industry, digital white label products are software solutions that a financial institution can purchase and have it customized according to their requirements and branding. The digital white label solution can be tailored to the financial institution’s own logo and identity allowing customers to associate it with the institution’s brand. The original manufacturer/developer will remain unknown to the end customer. Digital white label solutions can be used for various financial services such as wealth and investment management, retail banking and corporate banking.

The Benefits Of Using A Digital White Label Solution


First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that the digital-first approach has become a prerequisite for every business to ensure longevity and remain competitive. The need to digitize back-end operations all the way through to the front-end is a necessity in financial services, particularly in wealth and investment management.

Typically, financial institutions will choose to develop these digital platforms in-house. Having attempted to do so, many have found that building a complex solution from zero can be a recipe for disaster. It is a time consuming, costly and prone to error process.

Building one’s own digital solution is an exercise in reinventing the wheel. It radically increases the project time, as it requires troubleshooting and building a learning curve in an area that is not the company's core competency. It is also an inefficient use of resources, as the financial institution will need to search and hire the right talent to develop this digital platform, when solutions are already available elsewhere. Pitfalls in testing the final product such as trial and error cycles can be avoided by simply purchasing a white label solution.

White label solutions, particularly those with customizable features such as those provided by Tradesocio, are both time and cost efficient as it is readily available for use. Time-to-market can be as short as 120 days with a minimum viable product launch in less than 4 weeks. Additionally, white label solutions are generally maintained by the solutions provider. Any issues, bugs or fixes is handled by the developer. A genuine white label solution permits full brand customization making it impossible to tell it apart from a custom-built software.

How To Select The Best White Label Solution For Your Wealth Management Needs?


Most reliable white label solutions are presented as SaaS and store customer information in the cloud. Customer information are sensitive, and like any other data, it is valuable and should be private and secure. The most typical issue that white label buyers are concerned with is trust and cybersecurity. It is important to partner with a solution provider that has a secure hosted SaaS for web and mobile, provides a secure deposit and withdrawal payment method.

Here are some considerations that wealth and investment managers should keep in mind when selecting white label solution.

  • Does the white label solution provide the essential services for wealth and investment management?

  • Does the solution offer tangible value? And does it match your present service offering and meet your business requisites?

  • Does the provider offer a complete front-to-back-end solution that includes development, hosting and maintenance, security and post-sales technical support?

  • Does the provider have a library of APIs, open banking and digital wallet gateways that allow frictionless integration with your legacy architecture for a seamless user experience?

  • Does the provider have an agile and scalable architecture that continuously evolves over time and expands to cater to your needs as your business grows?

With digitization making processing time faster and shorter, financial service institutions need to digitize to make their customer onboarding process quicker and more convenient. For asset and wealth managers, this is particularly important in acquiring new clients at a faster pace and expanding the company’s customer base to remain competitive in the market.