Spotlight: how Alpha Suite is helping fund managers to succeed

The fund management industry is going through changes and has continued to grow as global investors search for yields. The low interest rate environment, the fear of another crash, and increased technological advancements have made the industry one of the most interesting to watch.

On the latter point, the way money is managed these days is different to how it used to be. This is because technology has made it possible for fund managers to use algorithms to manage investors’ money. It has also made it possible for them to use algorithms to help them make investment decisions. While the industry has experienced a lot of growth, many challenges have emerged, especially after the financial crisis. Investors have become increasingly cautious about the fund managers they entrust with their money. They are afraid of falling prey to another Madoff-like scam.

Recently, the European Union (EU) passed the second version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). MiFID II was intended to protect investors and make the EU region more competitive, however, it imposed many regulations on fund managers. For example, all fund managers now need to be registered with regulators, and their trades must be reviewed periodically.

With all these challenges, Alpha Suite from TradeSocio has become highly significant for fund managers, brokers and investors involved in the financial markets.

With the suite, brokers can reach more individual investors and provide their services in a better manner. Investors can invest their accounts with multiple fund managers, while fundraisers are able to introduce portfolio management products to their investors.

Within a few minutes you can connect your fund, set up your charges and syndicate your fund fact sheet to all participant brokers. Upon verification, investors across the alpha eco system will start subscription to the fund. TradeSocio has also taken fund incubators completely digital and free of charge so fund managers can list their fund and attract global attention.

Many fund managers have signed up and are managing assets worth millions of dollars. Here are five ways Alpha Suite will help you succeed:

1. Fund incubation

Alpha Funds is the ultimate fund incubator. TradeSocio’s unique product attracts fund managers, launches their funds, and generates business through broker and investor relations. Alpha Funds provides a significant boost for fund managers by providing the service for free, in a fraction of the time and with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to help them effectively manage their business.

TradeSocio has taken fund management completely digital so there’s no need for bricks and mortar companies or associated costs. Some of the great features fund managers enjoy are:

  • auto generate real time NAV and fund fact sheet;

  • set up their own terms and conditions, mandates and charges;

  • get access to all investors from participant brokers;

  • work with fundraisers globally;

  • ERP solution to conduct their day to day business.

2. Access to investors If you’re a new fund manager, Alpha Funds will give you access to the market you need to grow your assets. The suite gives you access to a complete pool of investors who are ready to give you funds to manage. They will sign up online after reviewing your performance and terms and conditions without the need for any paperwork.

3. Personalised fund management options Running a fund can be expensive. Alpha Funds enables fund managers with a one stop solution for fund administration, reporting and investor compliance. You can also customise the following options in real time:

  • fund details;

  • charges (subscription, management, performance, exit, trade fee);

  • fund manager bio, strategy description, additional terms and conditions.

4. Simple reporting The TradeSocio platform gives you simple tools to enhance your reporting. reports are presented in a simple dashboard that is easy to interpret. The reporting highlights for fund managers are as follows:

  • real-time net asset value reports;

  • investor reports with full customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities;

  • message and communicate with a global and local community;

  • real-time revenue reports across multiple brokers;

  • multi base currency reports.

5. Return on investment (ROI) tracking Fund managers need to know their ROI and if a fund manager has multiple traders it can be difficult to see at a glance. Alpha Funds provides a dashboard that shows them everything they need to know about their accounts. Real-time reports show investors details, allocations, gains and losses reports, and revenue reports from multiple brokers and custodians in real time.

To sign up for Alpha Funds, visit the TradeSocio website and navigate to the Alpha Funds page. After this, you can contact the team who will guide you on how to set up your account. The whole process will take you a few minutes and the support staff will always be there to help.

By Wael Salem, CEO, TradeSocio