How TradeSocio’s FinTech platform can revolutionize the investment world – Guest editorial

Wael Salem is an established thought leader within the Fintech and Investment scenes. CTO at TradeSocio, speaker and serial technology entrepreneur, Wael is passionate about innovation, simplifying complex problems and creating equal opportunities within the tech & investment scene

When it comes to financial services, technology has radically transformed business operation and structure. The rise of fintech, now several decades in the making, is expanding into new domains as billions of connected people look to access financial products and services.

The investment world has not been immune to the fintech revolution. In fact, it has evolved in lockstep with modern technology. Artificial Intelligence, robo-advisors, online trading and mobile platforms all have their root in the technological age. There’s strong reason to believe that this transition will occur more rapidly as new innovations make their way into capital markets.

Innovation is Mandatory

Ernst & Young recently published an influential report on technological innovation and the capital markets. In it, the authors said innovation has become mandatory to sustain long-term business growth. This focus was aptly described by Daniel Pinto of J.P. Morgan Chase, who said the following:

“Our industry is going through a transformational time, driven by competition, regulation and advancements in technology. As a leading global bank, we are committed to driving industry change by investing heavily in internal development, but also by collaborating with the talent of determined, young startups.”

The E&Y report, like many before it, shone the spotlight directly on startups in driving the future of fin-tech. After all, it is the nimble minds of the startup community that is giving the major institutions the biggest run for their money.

They did it with mobile banking, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. There’s strong reason to believe they will continue to lead disruption in the future as digital natives become the mainstream investment community.

TradeSocio Alpha Suite Program

It is against this backdrop that my team at TradeSocio launched the Alpha Suite platform. Alpha Suite provides a comprehensive investment ecosystem for all stakeholders, be they investors, brokers, fund managers or business introducers.

The platform is designed to link all these different stakeholders under one umbrella for the purpose of accessing, offering and introducing new people to high quality investments.

Alpha Suite is a highly ambitious project, but one that comes with the promise of creating a more fulfilled investment community capable of meeting and exceeding the new demands of the capital markets. The underlying goal of the platform is to ensure all participants have access to the resources they need to meet their investment targets.

Vision for the Future

The financial industry is undergoing a new transformation. While AI, big data and mobile technology remain catalysts for change, the future will be influenced by a new breed of technologies. Looking towards the future, we see fintech filling the vacuum left behind by traditional finance.

As it has done before, technology will make it easier for institutions to increase transactions and for customers to have a more rewarding experience in front of the trading screen.

The next generation of investors are digital natives; they grew up with the internet and are more connected than ever before. Fintech must therefore continue to bridge the chasm between this demographic’s expectations and the existing reality defining financial services.

This is at the heart of the TradeSocio Alpha Suite project. We provide digital natives with a common platform to access the financial markets, attract new clients, seek out top investment managers and even build their own business. To meet these objectives, Alpha Suite has been divided into four platforms:

  • Alpha Investor: end-user investment platform

  • Alpha Funds: solution for fund managers and traders

  • Alpha Business: investment solution for business introducers

  • Alpha Broker: full-scale investment solution for brokers

Of course, our service makes up only one cog in the wheel of emerging fin-tech. The broader fin-tech landscape is a paradigm shift more than a physical one. Market participants will be required to embrace agility, decentralization and open source in almost all their dealings.

The shift is already underway, and the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency is perhaps the best representation of an emerging trend that will only intensify in coming years.

The investment climate of the future is taking shape at this very moment. Whether you are a broker, trader or fund manager, now is the time to evolve.