FAQs About Alpha Suite

Fund managers tend to devote substantial time and resources to client acquisition and retention. Alpha Suite not only reduces such costs, but more importantly allows fund managers to focus on their core strength of portfolio management and their core commitment of generating the maximum returns for their clients.

Tradesocio’s Alpha Suite equips brokers and fund managers with the tools needed to position themselves for growth. The reasons this suite of products has become so hot is that it’s lightyears ahead of anything available in the market today.

What is the Alpha Suite?

This is a suite of highly powerful, yet easy-to-use products that have been especially designed for the key players of the investment ecosystem. A state-of-the-art online platform connects brokers and business introducers to fund managers and traders, allowing them to offer high quality investments to their clients. All stakeholders gain access to advanced tools that streamline the entire investment process, making it possible to meet investment goals in a stable, secure and transparent environment.

What are the Unique Products in Alpha Suite?

The Alpha Suite comprises of 4 products, each designed to facilitate interaction between sets of stakeholders.

Alpha Investor: This is an end-user investment platform built with cutting-edge technology. It enables investors to access investment opportunities that would otherwise have been reserved for institutional and wealthy investors. Investors can find and analyse investment opportunities, manage risk and access reports, to remain in complete control.

Alpha Funds: This is a powerful solution for fund managers and traders. With a few easy steps, one can begin their journey as a Professional Trader or Fund Manager. The state-of-the-art platform offers a high degree of flexibility in doing business. Moreover, fund managers can access the AUM of the whole Alpha community, and no longer need to spend time in client acquisition.

Alpha Business: This is a comprehensive investment solution designed for business introducers. It allows one to create their own branded investment community, manage clients and revenues, connect with brokers and get real-time reports.

Alpha Broker: This is a comprehensive investment solution for brokerages. Brokers can offer sophisticated tools and an array of investment options to their clients. Moreover, one can streamline all processes, including acquiring, onboarding, approving and managing clients on a single, fully-integrated platform.

Does it Help with Compliance Management?

Yes, Alpha Broker streamlines the complete onboarding process, ensuring all KYC requirements are met. With compliance procedures built into the Alpha Suite products, brokers don’t need to bother with ensuring each client fulfils all mandatory requirements.

What are the Most Important Tools for Brokers?

For client acquisition, Alpha Broker increases the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns. It makes it easier to create, monitor and track marketing campaigns.

For client engagement, the real-time Marketing Automation module is very handy. One can send automated messages to clients via email, SMS or in their Alpha Social feed. There are more than 200 built-in automation sequences and it’s easy to create customised ones.

For managing current and potential clients, the Alpha platform provides a plethora of tools that simplify managing communication, monitoring financial transactions, accounting, allocations and more.

Revenue reporting is a easy on the Alpha platform. One can create individual reports for each source of revenue, including fund managers, traders, investors and business introducers. Also, clients remain updated by the platform itself, and brokers don’t need to send them any updates.

The Alpha Business Intelligence module is all about easy access to critical information, in a simple format and its available when you need it. For instance, one can access reports on client actions and background, which helps immensely with client acquisition, conversion and retention. Or different financial reports to identify the sales pipeline or facilitating account management.

The Alpha Social module helps investors share experiences, ask questions or seek valuable insight from peers. This also allows brokers to communicate with fund managers and business introducers.

Tradesocio’s technology hub powers investors, fund managers and brokers. Unlike traditional investment platforms, Tradesocio makes investing accessible enabling users to invest, diversify their assets and dynamically manage their risk. Visit www.tradesocio.com to learn more.