Alpha 2017 Product Suite

Alpha 2017 is an online investment platform where brokers and business introducers can connect to fund managers and traders, allowing them to offer high quality investments to their clients in their own private investment community. All participants have access to tools they need to meet investment targets and streamline the entire investment process.

Alpha Investor

Through their broker, investors can choose funds to invest in, set up individual risk management for each distribution and view and track their investments online in real-time. Read More →

Alpha Funds

Alpha Funds allows fund managers and traders around the globe to connect trading accounts from any broker to launch a fund offered to the entire Alpha community in less than 10 minutes. Read More →

Business Introducer

Alpha Business Introducer allows business introducers to invite investors to their own investment community and receive payments for client investments and trading. Read More →

Alpha Broker

Alpha Broker provides an opportunity for a broker or an investment bank to launch their own private investment community with their own branded Alpha Investor, Funds and Business Introducer. Read More →