Alpha Business Introducer – Fundraising with an Edge

The advantage of being a business introducer, rather than trying to start out on your own, is that you receive the support of a robust infrastructure, leading trading platforms, a wide choice of investment funds, marketing help and all the support you need to succeed.

If you have a passion for the financial markets and the knowledge and skill-set to help others make a success of their investment journey, becoming a business introducer is a great way to run your own business. The advantage of being a business introducer, rather than trying to start out on your own, is that you receive the support of a robust infrastructure, leading trading platforms, a wide choice of investment funds, marketing help and all the support you need to succeed.

However, success as a business introducer depends on both quantity and quality. While the quantity of leads is crucial for any business, generating enough leads on your own can be a tough task. On the other hand, when it comes to quality, you need to be able to offer your clients high quality investment products as well as value-added services that set you apart from the competition. And, both these areas are well addressed by Tradesocio’s Alpha Business Introducer program.

In the words of Wael Salem, CEO of Tradesocio, “The Alpha investor community is a large and very active one, offering huge opportunities for business introducers. At Tradesocio, we take pride in helping our partners and clients succeed in their financial endeavors. That’s why we offer excellent support for our business introducers, including the best marketing tools for them to promote their business.”

What Alpha Business Introducers Can Look Forward to

  • Access to global funds

  • Exclusive funds with participant brokers

  • Access to all participant brokers

  • Fundraisers revenue share with brokers

The Complete Investment Solution

Tradesocio’s international client base choose Alpha Suite thanks to its 360-degree solutions. Here’s an overview of what the suite can do for you:

  • Offer your clients the ability to make informed investment decisions with the facility to check real-time performance analytics of any fund of their choice, including its historical performance, assets traded, rations and range of analytical tools.

  • Offer your clients the ability to invest in multiple funds using a single investment account

  • Access online, real-time reports regarding their allocations and investments

  • Gain the convenience of a multi-lingual and user-friendly platform that does not require you to have a wide knowledge of the financial markets

Connect with Brokers

  • Your clients can open investment accounts with one or more of these brokers on MT4

  • Offer your clients a wide choice of funds from the Alpha community funds, approved by your connected brokers

  • Offer your clients options such as copy trading, fully managed funds and more, based on your business model and objectives

Manage Your Revenue with Ease

  • Easily track your revenue in real time

  • Request payments or withdrawals directly from connected brokers

  • Manage your introduced clients, their trading volumes, profiles and more from your admin area

  • Gain immediate access to all historical reports required for revenue management

Manage Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketers will love the tools and functionalities offered by the Alpha Suite, here’s what you can expect:

  • Create effective marketing campaigns, analyze them, modify campaigns to boost effectiveness and ROI

  • Reporting tools help you track marketing campaign, as well as calculate their effectiveness and ROI

  • Automate marketing with Alpha’s complete real-time Marketing Automation module

  • Choose any mode to send automated messages, including emails, SMS or directly via the Alpha social module

  • Get clients to share your messages on other social networking sites with just one click

  • Choose from over 200 in-built automation sequences to customize your messages

Create Your Own Custom Sales Funnel

Ultimately, every business wants to improve its acquisition and turnover. Here’s how Alpha Suite helps you to achieve it.

  • The Alpha Business Intelligence module eases the process of gaining in-depth understanding of your clients

  • Gain access to more than 100 business intelligence reports and tools

  • Boost engagement, conversion and retention of clients with reports on their financials, actions and background

  • Manage your sales pipeline by creating your own custom sales funnel segments to enhance conversion of leads

Gain Complete Control with Real Time Reporting

With today’s regulations such as MiFIDII and GDPR dominating the headlines, it’s essential that you keep an accurate and compliant track of your records. Here’s how Alpha Suite helps you:

  • Get real-time reports on every aspect of your business and client activity

  • Monitor your introductions, investors, trading activity, revenue and business in real time

  • Gain the advantage of a wide variety of reports, such as:

    • Revenue reports

    • Practice & Live reports

    • Trading reports

    • Investors reports

When you choose to become an Alpha Business Introducer, you gain the perfect tools to expand your market, grow your client base and remain in complete control of every aspect of your business. You also get to choose from our Gold and Platinum packages, based on your experience and expertise.

Are you ready for the Alpha advantage? Visit to get started. Want to meet the team? Visit Tradesocio at booth #74 during the iFXEXPO May 22-24.