A Snapshot of the Digital Wealth Advisory Industry and Where Tradesocio Fits in

We’re living in the golden age of financial technology and digitalisation of investments. While 2018 has seen a boom in crypto projects with ICOs popping up a dime a dozen, 2019 has only just begun and investment market analysts are already predicting a spectacular rise in the digital wealth or robo advisory services AUM, which is said to hit $975,590 million this year alone. So, in case you haven’t signed up to a digital wealth advisory platform yet, you probably will in the years to come. According to a recent report published by statistica.com, the number of digital wealth advisor users will rise above 145,000 by 2023.

But that is not surprising at all since the average AUM per user in the robo advisory sector already amounts to $21,582 and only set to rise in the upcoming years.

A new way to manage your wealth

Certainly, the digital wealth advisory segment paves the way for new wealth management. Essentially, digital wealth advisors serve as large directories of wealth and asset management providers offering online portfolios in which individual investors can select their own investment volume depending on their risk appetite.

An increasing number of wealth management companies have started offering digital investment portfolios, allowing both retail and institutional investors to buy into pre-existing portfolios, which are automatically managed by custom-made algorithms.

Tradesocio is one such forward-looking fintech company joining the ranks of top digital wealth advisory services providers spearheading the paradigm shift in this sector.

Embracing a holistic approach to wealth management, we shed new light on financial advisory services. Our digital wealth advisory platform comes with a set of groundbreaking features that equally benefit all the parties involved in the investment process.

“We believe in the accessibility and transparency of the investment process”, says Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem, “that is why we developed our platform from the ground up, allowing both wealth advisory providers and investors to diversify their portfolios and safely allocate their investments in an environment which fosters informed decision making.”

More than just a digital advisory platform

Endowed with a built-in Alpha seeking algorithm engine, Tradesocio’s DWA is set to reconfigure the investment landscape. Allowing financial services providers to build personalised investment plans, the digital wealth advisory platform is more cost-effective than similar products available in the market, and can be integrated with Tradesocio’s other four solutions, SMA, ETF Station, Mirror Trader and TS Trader, in order to create a holistic investment environment.

DWA benefits financial institutions in multiple ways, enabling them to offer automated portfolio management of private and uniquely designed assets and asset baskets, including but not limited to, ETFs and AMCs, securities and ETFs, managed accounts from SMA and a lot more.

As a fully hosted and branded solution, DWA will be particularly appealing to investors and financial services providers alike, as, on one hand, it requires no downloads, and on the other hand, it allows for easy customisation and branding according to the business needs of the financial institution.

But this is not all, we are also going to launch a dedicated mobile application which will allow investors to access investments, invest and manage funds on the go. Coming soon to GooglePlay and Apple Store, it is definitely a must-have for any securities broker, wealth management company or investment advisory firm looking to refine their product offering by allowing investors to conveniently access their services at any time and from anywhere. The app will be available in a fully branded package with all our solutions.

As the number of robo advisory users continues to rise, Tradesocio is definitely a fintech provider to watch in 2019.

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