A Snapshot of Digital Wealth Management Technology

Tradesocio and Trading Dynamics Simplify Investments

Trading Dynamics is an Australian fintech company that began developing technology to trade the financial markets in 1997. It specialises in technical, quantitative, qualitative and fundamental analysis to formulate indicators, automated algorithmic trading strategies, and quants.

These technologies are used to create products for trading in foreign exchange, indices, metals, stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, by means of Expert Advisors (EA), Trade Copiers (TC) and Fund Management (FM) trading platforms to provide traders and individual investors with general information about these products. They are also designed for institutional partners, such as Brokerages, Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Funds, Superannuation Funds, Financial Planners, Investment Managers and Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Managers to incorporate into their offering for alternative investment opportunities to achieve absolute returns.

Tradesocio caught up with Trading Dynamics CEO Anne Bannerman in an exclusive interview showcasing Trading Dynamics products and the main reasons for choosing Tradesocio to other fintech providers.

Which aspect of Tradesocio’s fintech solutions attracted you?

Anne Bannerman: Being fintech developers for many years, we have had the opportunity to work directly with Expert Advisors and Trade Copiers, so when Tradesocio CEO Wael Salem approached us at the beginning of 2018 to ascertain our interest in working with their product, we were very excited to trial it, as it appeared to be the product that was missing in the market and that I had been searching for throughout many years. Twelve months later and watching this company further develop their product offerings, we have found ourselves in a strong position of being able to utilise a number of their fintech solutions, such as the Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), the Mirror Trader (MT) and the Digital Wealth Advisor (DWA) modules to showcase our products.  What’s exciting about the Tradesocio products is that they eliminate old and costly, legacy systems with reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient alternatives. These products, in addition to the ETF Station, enable traditional brokerages to expand on their business model, by offering trading and investment solutions directly to investors and further engage with institutional partners, by providing a wider selection of opportunities. This platform provides financial services to businesses with additional revenue streams that would not otherwise be available to them. That’s good for business and good for their clients.

Why did you choose Tradesocio’s platform from the variety of fintech solutions out there?

Anne Bannerman: In truth, I haven’t seen a platform that encompasses all of the different solutions that the Tradesocio platform offers, and in view of the recent findings of the Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry in Australia, taking into consideration the demands of the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms that were introduced in Australia in 2013, and the need for large, vertically-integrated businesses to provide diversification and independent financial products to their clients, the time is here for change. People with incredible foresight and intestinal fortitude drive that change, in my opinion, by taking the risk in developing out-of-the-box technology rather than gingerly tinkering around the edges of tradition. This company has done exactly that by developing fintech to fulfill the requirements of clients, but also for businesses to grow and prosper ethically.  After having voluntarily worked with Tradesocio over this period of time, I can sum up our experience with the various Tradesocio products as follows:

Simplicity – the ease with which traders, sophisticated investors, and institutions can connect, assess and use the different products to fulfill their individual and business trading and investment requirements.

Transparency – the availability of choice from a diversified range of trading and investment products with all trading and investment information, results, fees charged and the control that each client has to engage or disengage with products at any time, without the need for third parties and associated fees.

Efficiency – Working with a brokerage of the client’s choice, the trading and investment gateway has been opened for clients to learn, connect directly with developers, fund managers, and liquidity providers to make educated decisions about trading and investment opportunities in one ethical, global financial ecosystem.

Trading Dynamics is part of Tradesocio’s global investment ecosystem with a number of products available to traders, sophisticated investors, and institutions. An example of one of our products has returned 52.4% gross since March 2018 (results as at 11/02/2019).

This product is already available with a few of Tradesocio’s prominent brokerage partner firms, as well as reputed Australian brokerage houses following connectivity in 2019.

Tradesocio is an exciting fintech company to be associated with for the changing times in financial services.  I thank the CEO, Wael Salem, for seeking us out last year, and also his dedicated team of developers, support staff and, of course, Andreas Orphanos and Stacey van Niekerk for their assistance in better understanding and utilising the company’s product offerings.  I look forward to finally meeting the team personally, in Sydney on Monday 25th February, and in Melbourne on Thursday 28th February, at the Institute of Managed Account Professionals (IMAP) roadshow with Toby Potter and his team.

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*Courtesy to Anne Bannerman and Trading Dynamics, our strategic partner and official voice in Australia.