5 Reasons Alpha Funds Will Be Big in 2018

With the new year upon us, fund managers are placing renewed focus on client acquisition and retention – a process that requires significant time and resources, and probably takes them away from their core strength. In an increasingly competitive global market, fund managers are also finding it hard to compete with the major asset managers, which are ramping up their marketing efforts. Alpha Funds could play a big part in shaping 2018 for fund managers.

2018 is expected to see several major themes, chief among them being the ever-growing influence of fintech on the asset management business. Fintech has always been a force to be reckoned with, but is now making its presence known across all segments of the asset management business. Asset managers who can reduce costs while concentrating on their core strengths – portfolio management, asset selection and generating returns for clients – will be best positioned for growth.

Rather than chase after clients, asset managers can use the Alpha Funds platform offered by TradeSocio.There are five reasons why Alpha Funds will be a huge investment that pays fund managers dividends in 2018.

  1. There’s nothing else like it on the market

Put simply, there is no other platform that offers asset managers a direct line to the budding investor community. Rather than spend untold sums on marketing and retention, asset managers can join Alpha Funds and get access to a wide network of investors. This social element is not offered anywhere else!

  1. Technology that goes above and beyond

There’s a reason why investors and brokers are making their way to the Alpha Suite platform: the technology is light years ahead of existing MT4 platforms and web trader interfaces. TradeSocio has designed one of the most robust trading platforms on the market, and the only one that integrates brokers, investors, business introducers and asset managers.

  1. AUM-focused market

With the bull market entering its ninth year, investors are increasingly focusing on fund managers who have demonstrated they can manage large allocations. In a market heavily focused on assets under management (AUM), a platform like Alpha Funds can ensure that fund managers are busy boosting AUM as opposed to chasing down leads. AUM will be even more critical in 2018 as investors look to capitalize on the economic recoveries of Europe and Asia.

  1. Flexible funds setup

In a market that demands flexibility, Alpha Funds allows institutional investors to set up their accounts either as fund manager or professional trader. This provides plenty of options in deciding how to set up and manage the underlying business. Fund managers can also work with a variety of brokers that are part of the Alpha Suite network. All of this is available in just a few clicks.

  1. Powerful fund management tools

Fund managers who join the Alpha Suite platform have the option to build their own business from scratch. This includes setting performance, subscription, maintenance and trade fees. Fund managers also have complete control of trading rights, which means investors cannot edit or close trades that are copied. All investors that work with the Alpha Funds manager must sign a Power of Attorney to guarantee both sides are protected. Fund managers also receive real-time reporting tools that monitor revenue, client acquisition and trades.

In the world of asset management, TradeSocio’s Alpha Funds platform is a game changer. Fund managers looking to grow their business hassle-free and without the added overhead cost will find plenty of opportunity by launching on the Alpha platform. By setting up on Alpha Funds, asset managers get to work with one of the most dedicated fintech service providers in the industry. TradeSocio not only provides state-of-the-art disruptive technology, it is building one of the fastest-growing investment communities of 2018.

Are you a fund manager looking to take your business above and beyond? Learn about the TradeSocio Alpha Funds program to get started. Feel free to contact the team for more information about how Alpha Suite can improve your business.