Capital Markets and Brokerage

Access a variety of asset classes and strategies across global markets in real time on an easy-to-use, straight-forward investment platform.

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The competitive nature of trading and brokerage requires a speedy and accurate platform to operate. Ensuring that investors and traders are equipped with the right tools, our solutions are designed to be cost-efficient and highly scalable. Using an advanced technological infrastructure, we provide accurate real-time data supported by multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities.

Complete with connectivity to global exchanges as well as various asset classes and investment structures, our solution features an engaging dashboard that provides a holistic trading experience for the end-user. With security at the forefront, monies can be moved safely and securely in real time. The platform also provides an equity protection function that helps to cap exposure, limiting risks.

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Our Main Products for Capital Markets and Brokerage

Investor Trading Platform

Investor Trading Platform is a user-friendly platform that enables investors and traders to place trades across various asset classes including ETFs, thematic baskets and fractional shares. It is an efficient trading platform with open banking and digital wallet integration gateways.

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Mirror Trader

Mirror Trader is an easy-to-use social trading solution that allows customers to mimic trades of experienced professional investors. Powered by IBM Watson, it is a complete, end-to-end flexible strategy trading solution with a vast library of LP and PSPs.

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Agile and scalable architecture

A system that continuously evolves over time and expands to cater to your needs as your business grows

Seamless integration

A library of APIs, open banking and digital wallet gateways that allow frictionless integration with your legacy architecture for a seamless user experience.

Easy market launch

Built according to your specifications, the solution can go to market in as quickly as 120 days with a minimum viable product launch in less than 4 weeks.


A wide range of languages can be applied to the tailored solution to engage a larger customer base.

Total support

A complete front-to-back-end solution that includes development, hosting and maintenance, security and post-sales technical support.

99.99% uptime

A proven stable and reliable system, delivering confidence in operational and customer availability.